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Royal Canadian Navy

Sign up for training in one of our many sea trades and learn what it is to be a sailor. As part of crew aboard one of the fleet’s state-of-the-art frigates, support vessels, maritime coastal defence vessels or submarines, you will be part of centuries-old traditions that have made seafarers proud to call the navy home. Sail with your crew on operations and exercises that can take you down Canada’s coastline or across the world.


Naval Experience Program

The Naval Experience Program will provide you with enough exposure to life in the Royal Canadian Navy to decide if it is right for you.

Following an accelerated enrollment, eight week basic military training and four week naval training, you will join the Navy fleet on either the East or West coast. Over the course of several months, you will learn the ropes of being a sailor by shadowing a variety of jobs and gaining exposure to a number of skills. The program culminates with going to sea portion, so you can get a sense of the adventure found in a naval career.

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Life in the Navy

"At first I joined just to do my part for Canada and serve. It was something I always wanted to do since high school. But it turned out to be more than that."

Leading Seaman Robert Bourque
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Life in The Royal Canadian Navy

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Opportunity in the Navy goes far beyond just sailing the oceans. Choose from a variety of jobs in different fields including Naval Communicator, Marine Systems Engineering Officer, Legal Officer, or Cyber Operator.

Time on the job is also given to ensure you are physically fit, allowing you to lift weights, play sports, participate in Martial Arts, or a multitude of other healthy living activities. Every base, unit and wing has a variety of both team and individual sports for athletes of all kinds.

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CAF members are paid based on their pay group, rank, and time in rank. All service personnel, men and women, married or single, are paid on the same scale. A private that has just joined can earn $35820 annually, increasing to $60168 when they reach the next rank of Corporal. Specialty pay for certain occupations can increase potential earnings beyond those numbers.

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The Navy ensures you and your family are looked after. When you first become a Member and enter basic training, accommodation, meals, training, and a liveable wage are provided for you while you become accustomed to military life. Upon leaving basic training and entering the workforce, you will receive guidance and assistance for the transition to your designated posting location. As it is for the rest of your military career, when work requires you to move, the CAF covers the costs.

Healthy living plays a major role in the life of a sailor. With resources for nutrition, physical and mental fitness, physiotherapists and sports medicine specialists, and stress management programs, the sky is the limit when it comes to a healthy and active lifestyle in the Navy.

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Members of the Navy can be moved – or posted – to a variety of locations within Canada including but not limited to:

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Esquimalt, British Columbia
  • Borden, Ontario
  • Québec City

As a member, you also have the opportunity to live and work internationally in countries such as Belgium, Germany, The United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, and The United States of America.

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Life as a Reservist

Decide if a full-time career in the military is right for you, without dedicating your entire life to it. Naval Reservists are individuals engaged in their civilian lives while pursuing a military career. They work for the Navy in the evenings, on weekends and during the summer period, in an occupation of their choice. They can be students, teachers, lawyers, delivery persons, secretaries, or other members of society.

Most serve on a part time basis, with no obligation to participate in any mission overseas. However, many full-time employment opportunities and deployments are available to those Reservists who volunteer for them.

Naval Reservists are active members of your community who are willing to share their experience and who can attest that the Canadian Armed Forces and our government are committed to defending this nation and her people.

"I am currently studying at McGill University in law. I wanted to do something very different from what I do at school. I wanted a challenge. Of course, there is a lot going on all at once, but I'm learning all kinds of very practical skills that can serve me later in life: leadership and conflict resolution. So far, it's going well—so, fingers crossed."
Acting Sub-Lieutenant Simon Ledsham
Canadian armed forces member working for the Navy

Simon Ledsham values that his opinions and recommendations are taken into consideration by his ships Captain, only 5 weeks into his Naval career.

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