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Complete your high school diploma while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Career advancement benefits

A high school diploma can help you advance your career within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). It is a requirement for many jobs in the CAF and a high school diploma will provide you with more opportunities early on in your military career.

Who is eligible?

The High School Education Initiative applies to Regular Force and Reserve Force Members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have already enrolled. You may be eligible for the opportunity to finish your high school diploma during duty hours if operations allow.

To help you finish your high school diploma, the Canadian Armed Forces, along with local school districts in the province and territory where you live, will work with you to create a personalized learning plan.

Please note the requirements you must meet in order to join the Canadian Armed Forces.

Earn high school credits

Depending on the province and territory where you live, you can earn credits towards your high school diploma from your:

  • previous educational experiences
  • basic military training
  • life and work experiences

A prior learning assessment will determine the credits you need to complete your high school diploma. A local school counsellor is available to help you.

The Canadian Armed Forces is committed to our people and their families by providing them with the support and tools needed to be successful at every stage of their careers, and education is at the core of this commitment.

If you are thinking of completing your high school diploma, the Canadian Armed Forces can help you get there.