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Pay & Benefits

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) offers competitive salaries and world-class benefit packages – including health, dental, vision, from four to six weeks paid vacation annually, great pension plans and continuous training – that start from the moment you put on the uniform.


Competitive Salary

The CAF offers competitive salaries. Your skills, knowledge, experience and training can impact your starting salary. As a new direct entry recruit in the Regular Force, you could earn anywhere from $3,168 to $4,332 per month, while you complete basic training.

Once you are fully trained for your chosen occupation, your salary will continue to increase based on your time in the military, rank and acquired skills. Starting salaries are based on equivalent careers for entry level positions within the private sector. The benefits of continuous professional development, training, healthcare and pension from the moment you enroll separate the CAF from every other private sector opportunity.

Paid Education

If you enroll through one of our paid education plans, you will receive at least $27,600, while you complete your paid education. Depending on your enrolment plan, this could be significantly more. Your pay also increases once you graduate. Take a look at some of our paid education plans to find out more about pay and benefits for students.

Signing Bonus

Some of our featured occupations offer a signing bonus. To be eligible for a signing bonus, you must meet the specific criteria for the occupation. This criteria may include completion of academic or vocational training programs recognized by the CAF, or a combination of education, trade, and specific work experience; or be a former CAF member re-enrolling in the same occupation. Criteria may be different for each occupation. It is recommended that you speak to a recruiter who can help you evaluate your entitlement to a signing bonus. Visit our Help Centre to learn more or get in touch.

Pay Rates

The following table will give you an indication of your expected rate of pay at each rank level. Within each rank there are a number of pay increments (PI) which represent automatic annual increases in pay to recognize advancements in experience, skill and knowledge. All pay rates are exclusive of any allowances, allotments, or deductions which may be applicable to specific occupations, appointments or entry plans.

Depending on if you are serving full-time (Regular Force) or part-time (Reserves), you will be paid at either a monthly or daily rate respectively. Reservists typically work on a part-time basis on evenings and weekends and, as such, are paid a daily rate.

This table is intended for information purposes only. Certain specialist occupations may have a different pay scale. Additionally, pay rates for Pilots, Dental & Medical Officers, and Legal Officers differ from the below. Pay rates are subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date and comprehensive pay information, visit the Military Pay section of

Accelerated Pay Increment: Upon the enrolment and successful completion of Regular Force Basic Training (Basic Military qualification (BMQ)), you will be eligible for an accelerated pay increment if you enrol in one of 31 designated occupations. Browse Careers to find out which occupations are eligible for this offer.


Medical, Dental, and Vision Care

You and your family will receive health and dental coverage throughout your career. If you enrol as a part-time member, you may also benefit from the medical and dental care during specified periods, depending on your duty status.


As a full-time member, you will start with 20 paid vacation days per year. These can normally be scheduled around training and operational requirements. The vacation time will increase throughout your career, to a maximum of 30 days. If you enrol as a part-time member, you will receive one paid vacation day for each 15 consecutive calendar days.

Maternity and Parental Leave

The CAF offers maternity and parental leave benefits to spend time with your newest family member with 93% of your normal salary.


Our pension plans provide you with peace of mind today and for years to come. Whether you are joining full time or part-time, you can rest assured that you can retire with a pension.

Education & Training

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recognizes that education is the best investment an organization can make toward the development of its members and has a number of paid education plans for college, university and graduate-level programs. Learn more about our Paid Education programs.

A modernized training and education platform ensures soldiers receive the training they need at each step of their careers. Education within the CAF focuses not only on the military application of job specific roles, but also on marketable skills that can prepare a Member for life outside the CAF.

Many courses within the CAF are credit transferable to post-secondary institutions via a prior learning assessment (PLAR) out process. The same applies for the PLAR in process, where civilians with post-secondary accreditation can receive advanced standing upon joining the Forces.

Canadian Armed Forces members and Department of National Defence employees have access to the Defence Learning Network which houses technologically advanced professional development tools, courses and training.


When you join the Canadian Armed Forces you join a diverse community that fosters lifelong friendships and provides programs and support for you and your family.


Diversity is the strength of Canada’s population and is essential to our military’s operational effectiveness and long-term success.

Individuals in the Canadian Armed Forces will always be seen as a soldier first, regarded for your duty, work and contributions above all else. The Forces welcome applicants from all genders, religions, ethnicities and sexual orientations.


In the Canadian Armed Forces we have over 100 job opportunities that come with excellent pay and benefits. You also have the opportunity to take time and improve your skills through education at any point in your career.

You can apply to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) as an Officer or a Non-Commissioned Member. The path that you choose will depend on your skillset, interests and educational background.

Careers are available in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) as a full-time or part-time member. Full-time members make up the Regular Force. Part-time members make up the Reserve Force.

Travel and Adventure

If you want a work experience that is out of the ordinary there is no career more challenging or rewarding than serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Whether you choose a career in the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army, or the Royal Air Force, your will have a unique work experience with extraordinary opportunities for travel and adventure. The Canadian Armed Forces have taken major steps to improve career management, education and training systems with the goal of enhancing military service as a career of choice. Equipped with these skills, you will have the opportunities to work anywhere doing almost any job.

Esprit de corps

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are well supported from the moment they join, throughout their career, and finally as they transition out of the military. This also includes keeping the door open to Veterans wishing to return to service, or who later need assistance and support.

From the moment you begin basic training, you’ll be welcomed into a team of dedicated professionals who will soon become like family. Members of the CAF come from all across Canada, each bringing something unique and valuable to the team as a whole. As you progress in rank and skill, you’ll learn something new from every member you meet, and develop lifelong friendships along the way.

Family Support

Families are a major source of support to CAF members and integral to the success of the military – they are the strength behind the uniform.

There are numerous programs to support you and your family during challenging times. Every base has a Military Family Resource Centre to provide services like career counselling for spouses and daycare for children.

Additional services and benefits provided for families include community orientation, low-cost access sports and fitness facilities, employment assistance and second language training for spouses, relocation benefits and services and cost-of-living differential allowances, morale and psychological support, including a member assistance program, operational trauma and stress support centres, family separation and reunion counseling and self-help groups, financial services such as insurance and financial planning.

Success Stories

Start a career of your choice within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and you will be surprised at what you are able to do!

Successful careers begin in the Forces

All our members enjoy a range of prestigious full-and part-time career options in fields like healthcare, law, IT and engineering, the possibility of specializing in your career, accelerated responsibilities and faster advancement opportunities than in the civilian world, the chance to travel and work around the world, and a full range of enviable benefits and advantages.

“It's incredible to see. It's something I never thought I'd get to witness in my career.”

- Sergeant Mireille Gauthier

Push your limits

Sports inspire CAF members to improve their physical fitness and build their leadership and self-discipline skills. Sports also promote teamwork, esprit de corps, loyalty, and commitment. Every base, unit and wing has a variety of both team and individual sports for athletes of all kinds. If you qualify at the competitive level, you may have the opportunity to participate in regional, national and international military sporting competitions. Team and individual sports range from recreational to highly competitive Olympic levels.

“It's a place for people who want to be leaders.”

- Second Lieutenant Alyssa Kane

Exceed your expectations

Transcend with a career in the Canadian Armed Forces. CAF Members are well supported and trained to progress through their career goals and beyond.

As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces you will gain unique experiences, work hard and can achieve beyond your perceived limits.

“My career in the Forces enabled me to discover skills I never knew I had.”

- Captain Flavie Tchoko

Life in the Forces

Pay & Benefits