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Part-time jobs in the Canadian Armed Forces

This is a great time to join the Canadian Reserve with nearly 4000 part-time jobs available in as many as 70 exciting fields! As a Reservist, you can feel good about the work you are doing.

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Who are Reservists and what do they do?

Reservists are part of team of highly skilled individuals, known as the Canadian Reserve Force. The Reserve Force has four sub-components but the Primary Reserve is the largest component. Reservists usually have a full-time job or attend school during the daytime and work on a part-time basis with the CAF to make a positive impact on their community, learn new skills and earn a little extra money.

Reservists play an important role in supporting Canadian operations both at home and abroad. In the past, part-time CAF members have kept Canadians safe and secure by:

  • helping with flood relief efforts in Quebec and Manitoba
  • fighting forest fires in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia
  • participating in recovery efforts following ice storms in eastern Canada
  • assisting with hurricane relief efforts in Newfoundland and Labrador
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Reservists are also active in their communities and help with cultural events, parades, festivals and other public events in communities across Canada, including the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Our part-time members may also choose to serve overseas, when there are opportunities available.

Get new skills, make friendships and get paid

We offer part-time jobs in health care, engineering, law, administration, public protection and more! Unlike our full-time positions, these jobs are available by location. Find a unit near you for jobs available in your area.

Earn an extra paycheque and get benefits

Your pay will increase with your skill level and seniority in the Forces. To help you achieve your professional goals, we offer education reimbursements of up to $2000 a year to a max of $8000 for a post-secondary education that will help you advance in rank. On top of great pay and advancement opportunities, you will have access to an excellent benefits package, which includes paid vacation days, health and dental coverage, a pension, and more!

Maintain a healthy work/life balance

As a Reservist, you will typically work one night a week and occasionally participate in weekend training activities or tasks. The Many of our members choose to spend their spare time pursuing their education or working another job. On top of a flexible schedule, you may have access to benefits to maximize your personal time including time off and ongoing support programs. Talk to a recruiter in your area about benefits available to the different Reserve class types.

Did you know that Reservists work in the Army, Navy and Air Force?

Each unit serves a unique purpose in the defence and security of Canada.


Army Reservists provide crucial support in the wake of various natural disasters by providing relief and recovery to the affected communities. They also help with cultural events in their local communities.


Naval Reservists provide vital emergency services for their local communities when natural disaster strikes. They also play an important role in their communities by fundraising for charitable campaigns and supporting community events.

Air Force

Air Reservists play an active role in the surveillance and control of Canadian airspace, worldwide airlift of CAF personnel and material, search and rescue missions and humanitarian operations.

Looking for a summer job?

We are looking for self-motivated students and recent graduates from across Canada to fill full-time positions in the Navy, Army and Air Force during the summer months. This is a great opportunity for student looking to gain valuable work experience and earn a paycheque! When summer ends, you can continue to work for the Canadian Reserves on a part-time basis.

Ready to take the first step?

Although you will need to submit an online application, you can also contact your local Reserve unit to see what jobs they have available. Once you submit your application, we will review it and help you through the joining process.

You must be a Canadian citizen, at least 16 or older and have completed at least Grade 10 (Secondaire IV in Quebec).

Find out more about what it’s like to work part-time in the CAF