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Communicator Research Operator

Medical Officer

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Meteorological Technician

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Supply Technician

Vehicle Technician

Ammunition Technician

Electrical Generating Systems Technician


Marine Technician

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Naval Combat Information Operator

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Naval Communicator

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Naval Electronic Sensor Operator

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Refrigeration and Mechanical Systems Technician

Signals Officer

Sonar Operator

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Traffic Technician

Weapons Engineering Technician

Aerospace Control Officer

Aerospace Control Operator

Aerospace Engineering Officer

Aerospace Telecommunication and Information Systems Technician

Air Combat Systems Officer

Air Operations Officer

Air Operations Support Technician

Air Weapons Systems Technician

Airborne Electronic Sensor Operator

Aircraft Structures Technician

Anesthesiologist (Medical Specialist)

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Armour Officer

Armoured Soldier

Artillery Officer

Aviation Systems Technician

Avionics Systems Technician

Biomedical Electronics Technologist

Bioscience Officer



Combat Engineer

Communication Electronics Engineering Officer

Construction Engineering Officer

Construction Technician


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Cyber Operator

Dental Officer

Dental Technician

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Drafting and Survey Technician

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Officer

Electrical Distribution Technician

Electronic-Optronic Technician - Land

Engineer Officer

Financial Services Administrator


General Surgeon (Medical Specialist)

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Geomatics Technician

Health Care Administration Officer

Human Resources Administrator

Imagery Technician

Infantry Officer

Infantry Soldier

Information Systems Technician

Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Operator

Internal Medicine Specialist (Medical Specialist)

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Legal Officer

Line Technician

Logistics Officer

Marine Systems Engineering Officer

Materials Technician

Medical Assistant

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Medical Radiation Technologist

Medical Technician

Military Police

Military Police Officer

Mobile Support Equipment Operator


Naval Combat Systems Engineering Officer

Naval Warfare Officer

Nursing Officer

Operating Room Technician

Orthopedic Surgeon (Medical Specialist)

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Personnel Selection Officer

Pharmacy Officer

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Medical Specialist)

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Physician Assistant

Physiotherapy Officer


Plumbing Heat Technician

Port Inspection Diver

Postal Clerk

Psychiatrist (Medical Specialist)

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Public Affairs Officer

Radiologist (Medical Specialist)

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Signal Operator

Signal Technician

Social Work Officer


Training Development Officer

Water, Fuels and Environmental Technician

Weapons Technician – Land